Llano Independent School District

The Llano Independent School District functions as the educational foundation for Llano, Tow, Kingsland, Sunrise Beach, and Horseshoe Bay communities.  The two elementary schools, one junior high, and one high school serve a student enrollment of close to two thousand.  The mission at Llano ISD is to provide strong academic and extracurricular programs through the extraordinarily devoted professional staff of the district family.  The commitment to a holistic approach to education allows for the opportunity to learn in effective and efficient methods which serve the mental and emotional needs of all students.  Llano ISD has proudly achieved an “Exemplary” status in the state of Texas by maintaining a focus on high expectations of both students and faculty.

In July of 2011,  Llano Christian Academy opened its first campus at the First Baptist Church in Llano for pre-school through sixth grade. In 2017, LCA moved into their new location at 507 E. Green Street in Llano, they now serve students from Pre-K through 12th grade, graduating their first senior in May of 2017.

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