Our History

Llano was founded in 1855 on the banks of the clear spring-fed Llano River and became the county seat in 1856. Well established by 1860 with stores, saloons, and a hotel there was no church in the rough frontier village.  Llano was the last train stop for settlers heading west from Llano where they faced hostile Indian territory and the rough West Texas terrain.

Llano is rich with history of Indian conflicts, raids, and famous outlaws. Old railroad hotels dotted the border of the railyard and one of those, the Dabbs Hotel, is still in operation today.

The entire downtown has been designated a National Historic District, and a comprehensive walking tour is a must for the short or long term visitor.  Included in sites that are a must visit for anyone spending time in llano are the Red Top Jail, the LanTex Theater, the Llano County Historical Museum, the Railyard District, the recently restored Llano county Courthouse, the Inks Bridge and the beautiful city parks that wind along the banks of the pristine Llano River.

Llano County Historical Commission